Lessons Learned: Jenkins Server Management


Many a times in test automation we rarely talk about the importance of goodie good Jenkins Server management.

I tell ya, I spent a week putting out fires! Im a little weird so I found it exhilarating :$ but it caused a lot of jobs not to be run, therefore proving lesser confidence in tests and applications <– terrible!

Here are some lessons learned :

  1. Expire and Clean up old builds – yes, check that box!
  2. Dont schedule jobs with unapproved scripts.
  3. Parallel runs … always parallel runs.
  4. Create a uniformed approach to building jobs.
  5. Create policies to guide and govern the above.
  6. Set  reminds to go back and clean out logs, files, builds etc.
  7. Always(Ok most of the time) run Jenkins in a Master/Salve config

Share some of your ideas below for me to learn off!


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