Are you BDDing?


There are many ways in which we can scribe out a feature file. In my experience with teams of various experience, businesses of different maturity and a variety of complexity of applications I have learned there is no 1 way to get this right.

Here are 7 things to remember:

  • Don’t just use the tool but use the tool well. Stick to the reasons why we use a ‘Given’, ‘When’ and ‘Then’
  • Remove test data setup from your scenarios. If you need to ready your env for test, treat it as a separate concern.
  • Tags, tag everything. This is a great way to ensure we run specific tests and deliver faster feedback when you are faced with a time sensitive roll-out.
  • A short scenario is a good scenario.
  • You scenario’s aren’t cast in stone. Revise and revisit.
  • Maturing your BDD is really important. Its living documentation and is ultimately a reflection on our understanding of the application and our drive for high quality applications.
  • Share it with your team. Make your team quality conscious. Have them revise it at regular intervals…make it a thing.

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