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Mike Dean Is One Red Card Away From Giving Out 100 In The Premier ...

No. Not that type of ref card! 

Pictured above is Mike Dean, a familiar face for those English PL football lovers.


Its been a while since we life’d per normal and I jabbered on about something. Certainly for me personally, it’s been an experience of all sorts.

Thankfully though, it has not been a difficult one and I hope the same for you.

With that, let’s get to it.


Today, it can be no surprise to you that Orion is moving into the container world at speed.

When I think containers, I think Micro-Services and when I think micro-services I think APIs.


Testing APIs

Compared to traditional test automation, API testing is so much

  • cleaner to maintain
  • faster to run
  • IMO, easier to implement
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A guide on REST API Testing

Identifying Test Cases 

When working with APIs, we have 4 main(but not limited to) sections that we would work with. 

Lets break it down the API

  • The endpoint

The endpoint is the actual URL under test. This is your gateway to access the information under test.

With any System under test. knowing what you’re putting in is super important as these should build the foundation of your test cases. 

  • The header

Most things in life come with info that isn’t really for you. This can be applied to phone calls, emails, dinner chats and even our APIs.

Meta is built into the header of your API. Sometimes this information is handy to you or set by the developers. working with headers is a need today

as most Auth services will embed a token in the header of the API.

  • The auth

Of course, no touching if you’re not allowed. Auth is a MUST test, must know must can do.

  • The payload

And last but not least, our apple… the payload. 

The payload is the carrier of data, messages and usually all things requested by the consumer. 

Response Codes

APis communicate over HTTP but do so using different methods and with any form of communication some feedback is always nice. 

Apis too respond in various manner depending on circumstance.

Below is a table that represents that response code and the meaning behind it. Get familiar with these as you’ll see them quite often.

Testing REST API Manually


Api Testing lends itself quite easily to being structured, well documented and fast to implement.

There are heaps of tools to be used and the benefits of testing repeatedly can be seen quick.

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